Establishing companies

the establishment of companies

the establishment of companies

Trust Al-Masar Advocates and Legal Consultants

Al-Masar Trust Company is interested in serving the foreign investor and helping him to establish his companies.
closely monitor developments in various commercial fields,
Where the team works in a wide range of topics related to deals, the stock market, commercial transactions, institutional consulting for companies, and meeting customer requirements,
In light of the work environment, which is characterized by rapid change and flexibility to keep pace with contemporary developments.

Our service in establishing companies
• Establishing, registering, offering and amending contracts and liquidating companies.
• Managing deals, establishing companies, supervising acquisition and merger deals, sales and supply contracts, contracting, services and tenders, reviewing contracts, and the side and proactive agreement,
• In addition to supporting the client legally in the negotiation and implementation stages
• Registering agencies and trademarks, establishing and protecting patent rights, and concluding commercial concession contracts
• Drafting foreign investment and participation contracts, whether the project is entirely foreign or mixed, registering contracts and commercial records for the foreign investor, representing him in all that is necessary before the official and judicial authorities, and issuing foreign investment licenses from the competent authorities, and entry visas for the investor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

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